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April 6, 2021 1 min

A Quick Guide To A West Maui Mountains Road Trip

Updated: April 6, 2021
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Welcome to West Maui Mountains, also known as Mauna Kahalawai or West Maui Volcano!

When visiting Maui, you wouldn’t want to miss the adventures and sceneries offered by this well-visited tourist destination on the island. Yes, the  Road to Hana isn’t the only scenic drive you can take around the island, because a drive through the West region rivals that of the Hana Highway. From vast farmlands, exciting mountainsides, and heart-stopping valleys to lush rainforest reserves and never-ending coastlines, rest assured that your West Maui Mountains Road Trip is full of scenes and spots that you won’t get enough of.

Here are some destinations included in Hoaloha Jeep Adventures’ West Maui Mountains tour:

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Iao Valley

Tourists and locals enjoy visiting the Iao Valley due to its enchanting views and culture, and its rich spiritual value to the island. There are plenty of places to visit in the area, including the Kepaniwai Park & Heritage Gardens nearby, the Iao Stream, the sacred Malama I Keia Wahi, and more. There’s also the Iao Needle or the Kuka’emoku, which gives you a 360 view of the magnificent Iao Valley and Wailuku after climbing a series of 133 steps to the top.

Punalau Beach (aka “Windmills”)

Fun fact about Punalau Beach (or the Windmills) is that not many people know about it. They mostly just pass by it on their way to the Nakalele Blowhole. That’s why we recommend this beach for those who do not like being surrounded by many tourists. It’s an excellent place to stop during your West Maui Mountains road trip, w


here you can stretch your legs and pick seashells, listening quietly to the ocean breeze. 

Karen Lei’s Gallery

Another great place for a stop is Karen Lei’s Gallery, found by the Kaheliki Highway’s mid-point. It’s a popular local gallery that sells works made by more than 100 local artists of the island. These artworks range from watercolor paintings, jewelry, koa-wood boxes, native-fiber baskets, even vintage postcards, and more. We usually bring our visitors here to find unique gifts to bring home with them as a souvenir. There are also food trucks on-site where you can buy coffee, sandwiches, and tacos. You may also find fish and shrimp meals with a price range from $9 to $16.

Nakalele Blowhole

Found in Nakalele Point and a prime attraction – the Nakalele Blowhole (a hole in the ground where jets of water shoot periodically into the air). This blowhole is actually large enough that it can accommodate a manhole cover and easily blast it through the air. This is especially true during high surf and tides. It’s so powerful that its jets can reach up to 50+ feet skywards, a phenomenon that you can feel as the ground trembles beneath your feet. That’s why we always advise caution to visitors whenever we stop at this heart-stopping attraction.


There are plenty more stops that are included in our West Maui Mountains tour. If you’re ready to plan out your adventure, visit us at www.hoalohajeepadventures.com today!