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March 31, 2021 1 min

When To Visit Maui in 2021

Updated: March 31, 2021
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So you’ve narrowed down your choice of Hawaiian Island for your vacation, the winner being Maui, also known as the Valley Isle. Now what? Well, the next thing to consider is when to visit Maui! Since Hawaii is a tropical state, you won’t have to worry about the weather. So, the question now is, when is the best month to visit the Valley Isle this 2021? Let’s take a look.

High and Low Seasons to Visit Maui

In Maui, there is usually a surge of visitors from mid-January to mid-April, mid-June to mid-August, and late-December to early-January (the highest season). Then we have the low season after the new year, then late April to early June, and mid or late August to mid-December. Usually, the high seasons are the most expensive times. So, if you are planning a budget-friendly vacation, schedule them during the low seasons.

The Monthly Seasons of Maui

January, February, and March

The winter months of Maui are cool, and rainstorms appear from time to time. This is especially true for the northeast side of the island. But the rain isn’t actually something to worry about since it positively enhances the waterfalls in Road to Hana. It makes the ride along the famous highway more worthwhile. These months are also the best time for whale watching. This is because, from January to March, humpback whales are known to migrate down to the warmer waters of Maui from the Alaskan waters to mate, calve, and then birth their young.

April, May, and June

Now we move to spring, the best month to visit Maui since you can enjoy the lowest prices for accommodations and flights for the whole year. There are also fewer crowds, and the weather is ideal, not quite hot and not quite cold. Just right. There are also festivals that you can attend, such as the East Maui Taro Festival in April, Maui Steel Guitar Festival in May, the Kapalua Wine and Food Festival in June, and more!

July, August, and September

visit maui summer

The warmest months of the year! The summer months are some of the busiest times of the year since this is also the time of year when school is out. Families often take this opportunity to bring their kids for a well-deserved tropical vacation. However, there are fewer crowds when September comes, making it the best month to visit Maui during summer.

October, November, and December

The year ends with fall, which starts in late October or early November. It’s usually a low season, meaning less demand and less expensive rates for accommodations and flights. However, there’s a complete turn of events when the holidays come, usually from Christmas to New Year. Prices suddenly increase, and accommodations and flights are usually fully booked. So, if you want to avoid big crowds and high prices during your visit to Maui, maybe steer clear of the holidays.

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