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July 18, 2021 1 min

What You Need To Know For Your Trips To Maui

Updated: July 18, 2021
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It’s difficult to imagine having a bad time when going to Hawaii. This is true especially on Maui, where bright blue skies reflect beautifully on the crystal clear seawater, and the vibrant green landscapes can be seen from any angle. Still, it doesn’t hurt to come prepared! That in mind, here are a few helpful travel tips when planning trips to Maui.

Hawaii’s Safe Travels Program

To ensure the safety of its residents and visitors, the state of Hawaii has implemented the Safe Travels Program. It’s a required screening process executed by the state where it requires travelers to input their contact information and their proof of vaccination to bypass the 10-day quarantine requirement. Travelers are also encouraged to download the Aloha Safe Alert app for contact tracing purposes. For more information on traveling to Hawaii, click here.

Know The Different Regions Of Maui

Maui has different regions and districts, each with its distinct offerings that can cater to any tourist. So depending on how you want to spend your trips to Maui, it’s a good idea to know these places when planning your vacation. That way, you’ll know where to go and what fun activities you can do or the best places to stay.

Catching The Sunrise At Haleakala Requires A Reservation

Sunrise visits at Haleakala are a must when planning trips to Maui. Seeing the sunrise atop the volcano’s peak is an incredible event that everyone must experience at least once in their life. Unsurprisingly, it is such a popular tourist destination now that tourists are required to make a reservation to witness the sunrise and sunsets atop Haleakala.

Winter Is Whale Watching Season

The Isle of Maui is a prime spot for whale watching and spotting, and that’s because their migration path goes right past Maui. And if you want to see a swarm of those gentle giants making their yearly journey, you might want to book your trips to Maui during the winter season. The whale migration season occurs from December to May, so better schedule your travels within those months for a guaranteed look at migrating whales.

The Road To Hana Is A Full Day’s Trip

Fifty-two miles is no joke and if you want to traverse down the long road to Hana, expect it to take a whole day. But of course, you or your group will be making stops along the way, which is why it can take hours to complete the entire journey. However, if you don’t have the time and are perfectly fine with seeing a few select spots, some guided tours like Hoaloha Jeep Adventures offer half-day private Hana tours. They even have Road to Hana tours where you circle the island or do a reverse tour!

Bring A Jacket Or Sweater

While the lower altitude districts of Maui enjoy the same tropical weather as the other Hawaii islands, there are some frigid areas in Maui, like the high altitude Upcountry region located on the slopes of Mount Haleakala. So if you’re planning to visit those areas, pack a jacket or two to keep yourself warm.

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So now you’re ready for that long-awaited Maui trip! And if you’re new to the island, it’s only natural you want to see all the beauty of Maui, so why not go on a private jeep tour of the island with Hoaloha Jeep Adventures! Venture off the beaten path and get a unique experience. Check out our private tours here.