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November 17, 2020 1 min

Road to Hana Stops – The 12 Ultimate Tour Stops

Updated: November 17, 2020

The Road to Hana is one of the most famous tours you can take when you are touring Maui. There are various stops that you can make along the way. Our guide on the Road to Hana stops will ensure that you do not miss anything.

Our Road to Hana adventure follows along the famous Northern Route of the Hana Highway and returns over the same road. Let’s review the 12 ultimate tour stops on the Road to Hana.

Road to Hana Stops

Before we jump into our list, we have to mention that all our tours start early to allow us to get ahead of the crowds so that you can enjoy each stop with as few people as possible. Let’s start with the list of stops.

Pa’ia Town

With only one main road in Pa’ia Town, you might want to skip this town, but you can be assured that you can see plenty here. This laid-back town is the perfect place for a cup of Maui coffee, some shopping, or a great breakfast.

Ho’okipa Beach Park

At this world-renowned windsurfing destination, you can have a view of some of the most dramatic and impressive surfing.

Garden of Eden

At the Garden of Eden stop, you should take the time to go for a walk and explore 26 acres of beautiful Maui flowers and rare trees.

Keanae Peninsula

Keanae Peninsula is just after the 16-mile marker on our Road to Hana Stops. A small traditional Hawaiian village overflowing with history and culture.

Wailua Valley Overlook

A perfect aerial view of Wailua while looking at the ocean. A breath-taking view and a picture-perfect moment.

Upper Waikani Falls

At Upper Waikani Falls, take the time to stand under the waterfall for a perfect photo. Definitely, a way to wet your feet after a fully packed day so far.

Pua’a Ka’a Waterfalls Park

With all the necessary facilities like bathrooms, ample parking areas, and paved sidewalks, this is a place of comfort. Making it easy for you to enjoy the wonderful waterfalls.

Makapipi Falls

On the list of Road to Hana stops, we have to add Makapipi Falls. Stop just after mile marker 25 and look under the bridge to see the most interesting falls on your trip.

Hanawi Falls

With lush, tropical vegetation surrounding this 30-foot cascading waterfall, it is a must-see sight. Yes, we are passionate about waterfalls!

Black Sand at Wai’anapanpa State Park

Black sandy beach due to the volcano is truly a sight that you must see. There are other things to watch out for in this park as well; take your time.

Ka’eleku Cave

Descend into the underworld to look at incredible the Chockstone, lava stalagmite, and the chocolate corridor. This might not be for the faint at heart.

Hana Town

Hana Town is our last stop on our Road to Hana. Here you can explore the town’s history, go for a swim, or have delicious food. It doesn’t matter how you spend your time in Hana Town, be sure to make it memorable.