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August 26, 2020 1 min

Road to Hana Jeep Tours – Reverse Hana Highway

Updated: August 26, 2020

Beautiful coastlines, jungle landscapes, and tropical rain forests, this forms part of the Road to Hana Jeep Tours. It doesn’t matter if you are a local or a tourist we at Hoaloha Jeep Adventures have something special in store for you!

The Road to Hana Tour is a bucket list item but why do it the usual way? Let us spin things around with our Reverse Hana Highway Tour.

The Reverse Road to Hana Jeep Tour

The Reverse Hana Highway Tour is one of the most popular adventures. We are starting along the less-explored Southern Coast of the Hana Highway, continuing past Hana Town and then concluding the trip along the more famous Northern Route.

It might feel like a quick ride with the wind blowing through your hair but lets take a closer look at what is included in this adventure. We kick the trip off at Kaupo Store, this shop is part general store, part museum, a great place to get any essentials before starting the trip.

The first official stop along our way is at Nu’u Bay. Home to a pristine wetland, the perfect stopping point for bird watchers and fishers. Huialoha Church and Palapala Ho’omau Church are next on our to-do list. Giving you a look into the history and culture locked away in Hawaii, don’t forget to visit the great little coffee shop and fruit stand when we stop at Laulima Farm.

The Falls

You can not go on Road to Hana Jeep Tours without visiting the breath-taking falls along the way. On this adventure, it is no different; we stop at the picturesque Wailua Falls, which is easily accessible; the less adventurous can even see it from the car.

Hanawi Falls or otherwise known as the Upper Hanawi Falls is a must! The beautiful waterfall surrounded with lush, tropical vegetation can be seen from the road. Makapipi Falls and Pua’a Ka’a Waterfalls Park made the cut as well.

At Makapipi stop a moment and look under the bridge that you just passed over. The stream of Makapipi flows withing a lava stream-bed plunging down into a pristine blue pool, absolutely magnificent!

The Beaches

We promised beautiful coastlines and can definitely deliver. Stop at Koki Beach and let the locals tell you about the legend or take the time to admire the local surfers. A friendly warning, don’t try to swim here, the rip tides and high waves are dangerous even for experienced swimmers.

Honomanu Bay is not to be missed with its mile and a half stretch of white sand. Another impressive stop is the world-renowned windsurfing destination Ho’okipa Beach Park.

Not to be Missed on The Road to Hana Jeep Tours!

The other stops on our Road to Hana Jeep Tours that you should not miss is:

  • The Black sand at Wai’anapanapa State Park
  • The Ka’eleku Cave also known as the Hana Lava Tube
  • Wailua Valley Overlooks
  • Keanae Peninsula and
  • our last stop Pa’ia Town.

Join our experts in adventures, at Hoalaha Jeep Adventures, on an experience of a lifetime.