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November 15, 2021 1 min

A Road to Hana Guide For First-timers

Updated: November 15, 2021
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Are you doing some research for your Hana Highway trip? Then you have questions about what it’s like and other things you might want to know. To help you, we have a short Road to Hana guide below.

Is Road to Hana scary?

The Road to Hana is a one-lane highway that’s endlessly winding with some seriously blind corners. And for an inexperienced driver, it can be scary. The narrow roads can also make you feel apprehensive about driving down this highway.

However, you should know that the highway surface is paved and well maintained. There are large cliffs in some places, but they are all protected by guard rails, so there are no unprotected drops. Plus, the road is wide enough in most places that two tour buses can pass. And if you’re worried about the one-way bridges, rest assured that officials regularly inspect them and are safe for light traffic. And there are give way signs and road markings for easy regulation of the traffic. These can only slow you down, and once you cross, you can go back to your driving pace.

Why is it called The Divorce Highway?

You might overhear some people referring to the Road to Hana as the “Divorce Highway.” You probably also wonder why people call a popular tourist excursion that name. That’s because this highway can be a challenge to navigate. It’s only 52 miles long, but the drive can take about three hours because of how narrow and winding it is. And that’s if you drive down it without making any stops. There are 620 curves and 59 bridges on the Road to Hana, most of them one-lane bridges. So if usually drive on wide highways with multiple lanes, this drive will get on your nerves. It has even caused arguments between couples doing it together, thus the moniker.

Is the Road to Hana crowded?

As mentioned earlier, it’s a one-lane highway. And since it’s a famous road, many tourists like you will be doing a Road to Hana excursion. Approximately 500,000 people travel on this road every year, so you will see many cars and possibly get stuck in traffic with them. It’s unavoidable and could dampen the experience if you wanted a peaceful drive while admiring the views. However, getting an early start will help you avoid crowds during your travels. Locals recommend that you start no later than 7:00 am since most tourists don’t get going until 8:00 in the morning.

Road to Hana Guide - Hoaloha Jeep Adventures


For first-timers, the Road to Hana can seem daunting and scary. You’ll come across articles saying how the road is dangerous with its blind corners and one-lane traffic. But Maui takes care of its visitors, and we know that the Road to Hana is the number one destination for many of you. That’s why it’s a well-maintained highway to ensure the safety of everyone.

But if you’re worried, you can always book a private tour from Hoaloha Jeep Adventures so you can relax and let someone else drive you around. Plus, your local guide can take you to the most stunning hidden places that most tourists don’t get to see. Interested? Book us for your next Maui trip!