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September 14, 2021 1 min

Maui Tourism In 2021: What You Need To Know

Updated: September 14, 2021
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Maui tourism was pretty bad during the year 2020. Total visitor arrivals were down by almost 74% compared to 2019. People had to cancel flights starting in February of last year until the government had to issue stay-at-home orders by march. This year, though, Hawaii is allowing visitors back with a few restrictions in place. Read on below to know more.

Is Maui Open To Tourists?

In March of 2020, Maui temporarily closed down along with the rest of Hawaii when the state went into lockdown. The local government asked tourists not to visit the islands at the time. And they required anyone coming into Hawaii to undergo the mandatory 10-day quarantine. But by October 2020, Hawaii again allowed visitors to come, as long as they have negative COVID test results. This requirement is under the state of Hawaii’s Safe Travels Program. The program also specified that visitors with negative COVID results within 72 hours before their flight are exempt from the mandatory quarantine.

However, by July 8, vaccinated travelers are exempt from quarantine and testing. They only need to register and upload their vaccination record with the Safe Travels online system. They must also bring their original proof of vaccination with them. So if you want to visit Maui today, make sure you’re vaccinated, registered for their online Safe Travels Program, and COVID-free.

Is There Still A Quarantine Requirement On Maui?

If you’re unvaccinated and don’t have a negative COVID pre-test, you are to quarantine yourself for ten days. And this requirement will last as long as the pandemic requires it. This was initially put in place to discourage visitors from coming to the island. Because who would want to spend their time in Maui restricted only to their hotel room for almost two weeks? Nobody, of course. So if you don’t have the requirements, try to refrain from visiting the county just yet.

Hawaii takes these precautions very seriously. Mainly because they have limited medical resources, being a remote island state. Thankfully, the island’s borders made it possible for them to contain the virus. And they want it to stay that way hence the strict adherence to travel requirements. The state only wants to protect public safety. And incoming visitors should at least respect that.

Visitor Etiquette

Once you’re back in Maui, and for the safety of locals and fellows tourists alike, you still have to do your part to help keep the place safe.

  • Obey health and safety guidelines. That means social distancing and washing and sanitizing your hands.
  • Wearing a mask is not optional in Maui but the local government requires it. So if you don’t intend to wear one in public places, maybe hold off on your Maui traveling plans for now.
  • Be extra sensitive when visiting Hana. It’s an isolated community with limited medical care, making the place very vulnerable to the pandemic.
  • Be patient. Rules can change, and information gets updated all the time. There will be inconveniences, so try to understand.

Maui Tourism - Hoaloha Jeep Adventures

It’s a challenging time for Maui tourism. But with a cautious reopening and visitors and locals alike working together for everyone’s safety, it might not be long until everything is back to normal again. And if you’re coming back to Maui, consider going on a private tour of Maui. That way, you’re limiting your interactions with strangers. We at Hoaloha Jeep Adventures prioritize our customers’ safety and adhere strictly to the county’s health requirements. Book a tour today!