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March 2, 2021 1 min

Maui Family Vacation Ideas By Hoaloha Jeep Adventures

Updated: March 2, 2021
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There are three mind-blowing adventures that you can do in Maui with your family. These are the West Maui Mountains, Haleakala, and, of course, the Road to Hana. Moreover, to thoroughly enjoy these experiences, there are private tour options like what we offer here at Hoaloha Jeep Adventures that you can book with your family. So, if you’re planning a Maui family vacation to treat yourself and your fam, here are a few ideas you should write down:

West Maui Mountain Private Tours

West Maui Mountains have many names. One is ‘Kahalawai’ (House of Water), and the other ‘Hale Mahina’ (House of the Moon) after the lunar goddess Hina. It is the home to many historical and sacred sites of Hawaii. In this private tour, you will get to visit many tourist spots such as:

Iao Valley State Park. This is a sacred valley that is forbidden to everyone but the Hawaiian royalty. In fact, the cliffs here were used as a burial ground for Hawaii’s royalty for centuries.

Waihe’e Valley Rainforest. A few miles north of the Iao Valley, you will find the Waihe’e Valley. It’s a great place to hike through to enjoy lush vegetation, swinging bridges, and a waterfall over the Kanoa Ridge.

Honolua Bay. Moving away from the valleys and forests, you will also get to experience one of the exceptional beaches in Maui, Honolua Bay. From scuba diving to snorkeling and riding the barreling waves, this bay has it all.

… and more!

Volcanoes of Maui Private Tour

Haleakala is a dormant volcano in the eastern portion of Maui. It is best known for its stunning sunset experience provided by its towering height. At Hoaloha Jeep Adventures, we recommend this Maui family vacation tour for newcomers for a unique and memorable experience. Also, other sunset and sunrise watching, here are a few things you can do at Haleakala with your family:

Hiking at Haleakala Summit Trails. If you and the fam are up for a scenic stroll along the many trails of Haleakala, then you are in for the treat. It’s a Maui family vacation surrounded by nature and unparalleled views.

Horseback Riding at Upcountry Haleakala. Upcountry Maui is the land of the paniolo or the Hawaiian cowboy. In addition, you can tour around the place atop majestic horses.

Spotting Endangered Species at the Haleakala National Park. Fun fact: 80% of this national park is designated as the home of some of Hawaii’s and perhaps the world’s rarest plants and animals.

Hana Highway Private Tours

A Maui family vacation is simply incomplete without the Hana Road Adventures! But why is the Road to Hana very popular, you might ask? Although it is the longest ride in Maui, with the whole ride taking up to 8-10 hours, tourists always consider it as a worthwhile experience. However, this long tour is not for everybody. That is why we have a Halfway to Hana tour to give our customers the option to experience the Hana Highway without having to spend all day on the road. As such, here are a few places you and your family can experience during the tour:

Paia Town. Explore the surfer hippie town of Maui and experience its laid back feel. The town also offers a range of products that you can bring home with you after your well-deserved Maui family vacation.

Ho’okipa Beach Park. Here in Ho’okipa Beach, you and the fam can enjoy numerous activities like surf sports, swimming, turtle watching, and others.

Garden Of Eden. With its rare trees and flowers, natural island setting, and breathtaking views, these 26 acres of trails are perfect for family photos to bring back home.

So, any takeaways from the Maui family vacation ideas listed above? If you’re ready to plan the best getaway with your family, book your adventures with us today!