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Our Goal

Hoaloha (hoh-ah-loh-hah) means friend 

or  person whose company one enjoys.

You may have arrived to the islands as malihini

(a newcomer or stranger among the people

of Hawaii), but our goal is for you to leave 

as hoaloha.


The reconnection of the ancient spiritual history and wisdom of Polynesia with the visitors of the islands 

The logo for Hoaloha Jeep Adventures represents the reconnection of the ancient spiritual history and wisdom of Polynesia with the visitors of the islands. We hope to accomplish this by embarking on a divine journey of meaningful social change from cultural misrepresentation and separation to education, forgiveness, and friendship. In the end, we desire to awaken the spirit of aloha that resides within us all as one.

 KORU (Spiral)

Represents “life, new beginnings.” Maori people say “Mate atu he tetekura, ara mai he tetekura” which means “As one fern dies, one fern frond is born;” it symbolizes the continuity of life, traditions, and genealogy.

ENATA (People)

Human figures, or enata in Marquesan language, represent men, women and sometimes gods, and their relations: friends, relatives, dear people.

NALU (Wave)

The ocean, the rolling sea, can be represented by waves. They represent life, change and continuity.


Aloha! I'm Marcus Perry, owner of Hoaloha Jeep Adventures.


I love the rich cultural and natural beauty of Hawaii, which brought me to BYU-Hawaii where I graduated with a degree in History. My family heritage is firmly planted in the soil and spirit of Hawaii.

Owner - Hoaloha Jeep Adventures

My Parents' Wedding Day

Hawaii - 1972


 My Beautiful Ohana

Hawaii - 2017 

My Grandparents' Wedding Day

Hawaii - 1948



Did you know that only a small percentage of Maui visitors are able to rent a convertible 4-door Jeep? Being "escorted" in a private, convertible Jeep is a sensory overload experience for all passengers. You can hear birds sing, waterfalls roar, and smell the fresh jungle or ocean air as the wind blows through your hair.

The road to Hana has 617 curves, 54 one-lane bridges with several steep drop-offs, and plenty of distracted  drivers. And driving eight to ten hours on the Hana Highway can be a long day for anyone, especially for a driver who is supposed to be on a relaxing vacation.


That's why we say, "Leave the driving to us."